Below are questions that frequently come up regarding Seven Hills membership. If you need additional assistance, call 615-665-0090 or Email Us.

Q Does the membership include both swim and tennis?
A Yes, this is an all inclusive membership

Q How much is the initiation fee?
A The initiation fee is $1,750.

Q Is it possible to join for just swimming or just tennis?
A No, we do not offer a separate membership. Every membership includes both swim & tennis.

Q Is there a single membership available for my child?
A We only offer single memberships to people 18 yr of age and older.

Q Can my child swim on the swim team without being a member of Seven Hills?
A The Nashville Swim League has guidelines for swimmers that require that each swimmer be a paying member of the club or an employee of the club.

Q Will there be a charge to bring guests to the pool/tennis courts?
A We give each member 5 guest passes per season. Additional guests are $5/guest. Birthday parties are $3/guest.

Q Can I have a party for my child at the club?
A Yes, we welcome parties, but each party must be scheduled through our pool manager so that it fits within our club schedule.