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                   Coaches Vanessa Rolfe and Martha Melson

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Seven Hills Dive Team WINS AT CITY MEET for the 9th year in a row!!!

Congratulations to our awesome divers at Seven Hills!!!  They finished undefeated in regular season meets, and completed the summer season with a big WIN at the City Meet held at Sequoia on Wednesday and Thursday!  Every one of our divers contributed to a great season and a great City Meet!  We are proud of each and every one of them!

Wednesday’s competition was the 3 Meter “high dive”, and our brave divers finished strong with 77 points, with West Meade at 38 points, and Sequoia with 29!  We had 21 brave divers compete on 3 Meter, and they all had a great day!

Seven Hills brought 50 divers into Thursday’s 1 Meter competition, and our team did terrific!  What a great group of kids, and they definitely came to compete!  Seven Hills won BOTH the 1 Meter Competition, and the Combined 1 & 3 Meter competition!!!

Final results:

                     Combined 1 Meter & 3 Meter      1 Meter Results

1.  Seven Hills               176 Points                              99 Points  

2.  West Meade                  91                                           53

3.  Sequoia                         66                                           37

4.  Hillwood                        43                                            23

5.  Midd Tenn Diving          35                                            21

6.  Belle Meade                  23                                           17

7.  Wildwood                      14                                             7


2018 Dive Meet Schedule

General Dual Meet Information

June 14th – @ 7 HILLS vs Sequoia and Wildwood

June 21st – @ HILLWOOD CC vs Hillwood and West Meade

June 28th – @ BELLEMEADE CC vs. Bellemeade and Wildwood

City Meet:

July 11th – 3 Meter 12:00pm Warm Up @ Sequoia

July 12th – 1 Meter 7:00am General Warm Up @ Sequoia

Divers may wear any swimming suit, but a team suit or green or black suit is preferred.

General warm ups for the meets start at 8:00am, and the boards will close at 8:45am for the 6 & Under only warm up. Judging starts with the 6 & under age group at 9:00 am and the other age groups will follow. Each age group will get about 15 minutes of warm-up before they compete and they will receive their ribbons right after their event. There is not a definite time line because it depends on the number of divers and how fast the meet is run. The meets are usually over by 1:00 or 2:00.

We really appreciate anyone that can stay and support the team for the entire meet. If that is not possible, I recommend getting to the pool at least one hour before your child’s event and you may leave after ribbons are awarded for that age group.


The following is just a rough estimate, please remember that it may not be exact:

8:00am – Open Warm Up ( This is good for any diver, but is not mandatory)

8:45am – 6 & Under warm up & Competition starts at 9:00 am

About 9:15am – 7 & 8 warm-up & competition

About 10:00am – 9 & 10 warm up & competition

About 11:00 – 11 & 12 warm up & competition

About 12:00pm – 13 & 14 and 15 & up warm up & competition



*Divers must compete in at least one regular season meet in order to be able to compete in the City Meet.

We will send a tentative schedule for the City Meet the week of the meet depending on the number of entries.

Nashville Diving League Meet Rules 

Meet Rules:

  1. A diver’s age as of June 1st determines the age group for the diver.
  2. A diver may choose to dive up an age group, but must remain in that age groupd for the remainder of the season.
  3. Divers must do the required number of dives as listed below.
  4. 6 and Unders may compete a front jump with an approach or a back jump with an arm swing with a degree of difficulty of 1.0.
  5. Required dives are any front, back, reverse, inward, and twist dive with a maximum degree of difficulty of 1.4 for front, 1.7 for back, 1.8 reverse, 1.8 inward, 1.8 twist
  6. Optional dives are any other dive that has not already been done. You cannot do more than one optional dive from the same group.
  7. Dives that are done from a standing (no jump/falling) position are to be reduced by .5 from their normal degree of difficulty with a minimum DD of 1.0.
  8. If arms are above the shoulders on a feet first entry or below the shoulder on a head first entry the maximum score for the dive is 4.0.
  9. Twisting dives must be less than 90 degrees from the intended rotation and if the twist is started on the board there will be at least a 2 pt deduction.
  10. If a diver breaks position in the dive, 0.5 to 2.0 will be deducted from the score at the discretion of each judge.
  11. Any dive that is performed with the coaches assistance will receive no score.
  12. One balk is a 2.0 deduction from every judge, two balk are considered a failed dive.
  13. If a diver hits the board, the maximum score for the dive is 4.5.
  14. If a diver fails two dives they will be disqualified and will not receive team points.
  15. Team points will be awarded as follows:     2nd place           3 points
  16.      3rd place           1 point
  17.      1st place           5 points
  18. In order to compete in the City Meet a diver must have competed in at lease one regular season meet.


Age Groups and Dive Requirements:

6 & Under         1 Required dive/skill jump & 1 optional dive/skills jump

7 & 8                   1 Required dive (may be skills jump regular season only) & 1 optional dive

9 & 10                2 Required dives and 1 optional dive

11 & 12              2 Required dives and 2 optional dives

13 & 14              3 Required dives and 2 optional dives

15 – 18               3 Required dives and 3 optional dives

Practice Schedule

Our practices will begin on Tuesday, May 29th.  We alternate our practices with the swim team, so children can do both swim and dive team!

Morning practice times Monday through Friday are:

8:15-9:00             7-10 years

9:00-10:00          11-12 & 13-14

10:00-10:45        7-10 years

10:45-11:15        6 & under

11:15-12 noon   15 & Up

Afternoon practices are Monday & Wednesdays:

4:00-5:00             10 & under

5:00-6:00             11 & up

Dive Meet Dates

Thursday, June 14th            

Thursday, June 21st                               

Thursday, June 28th                                 

Wednesday and Thursday, July 11th and July 12th CITY MEET @ Sequoia

Fees:  $120 for children 7 and older, $100 for children 6 & under

Registration:  A registration form must be completed before attending practice.

These can be found on the 7 Hills website, in the clubhouse, or ask one of the dive coaches.  New divers can “try” for a few days before deciding.  Checks can be made out to Seven Hills Swim and Tennis Club and turned into Coach Vanessa or Martha.


2018 Dive Team Registration

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